Delicacies in Peru

Peru is an ancient country in the west of South America. It is always known for its rich tourism resources, such as the mysterious Peruvian indigenous dance. But now, tasting the local delicacies becomes increasingly popular among tourists.

Many people told me that if you have the chance to visit Peru, you will not resist the temptation of delicacies there. Food can make everyone happy. The impact of cooking methods of native Indian and Spanish colonists in the past and the baptism of local culture make people believe that Peruvian culture is a kind of food culture and food is the lifeblood of Peru.

The Peruvian culinary art has a history of several hundred years. It is the combination of cooking methods of original inhabitants and Spanish colonists, which is influenced by the eating habits of many countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Therefore, the current delicacies in Peru are delicious in taste and rich in variety.

It can be said that delicacies in Peru blend different cooking techniques from around the world, but it highlights the local traditional characteristics at the same time. Peruvian cuisine is like the local culture, and these mix and match are like original inhabitants meeting immigrants from all over the world. The mutual impact and communication of different culinary art finally led to the integrated culinary art, which stands apart by itself.

Peru is a mountainous country with the famous Andes passing throughout the country. Peru has abundant corn and potatoes, and on the basis of raw materials, the cooking skill of chefs is quite unique.

One major feature of a typical Peruvian dish is that it is almost all made of potatoes. Peru has more than 2000 kinds of colorful potatoes. When you eat salad cream, you can also match mashed potatoes with it. Peru produces many different types of peppers because it has different climates, such as mountain areas, coastal regions and rain forests. The taste and hot degree differ from each other. Yellow pepper is one common pepper in Peru and it is almost used in every Peruvian dish. Yellow peppers taste not very hot but quite fragrant. Anyway, Peruvian people know how to make the best use of peppers when cooking yummy food. Therefore, pepper is significant to delicacies in Peru and it is an important feature of Peruvian dishes.

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