Lessons In Unconditional Love From Peru’s Shamans

It is difficult to generalize about what the modern shamans of Peru believe because there are so many amazingly diverse religious, spiritual and cultural influences at play today, but when we think of shamans, we think of unconditional love. Shamanism, we have learned, is alive in well in Peru. In fact, this tradition of love and healing flourishes because of the country’s respect for their elders, their history and their traditions. Through our travels in Peru, we have learned that shamans are not just quaint relics of another time. They are relevant, interesting and inspiring people with important lessons to teach us. We admit their methods are strange and their clothing is sometimes just as unusual, but these medicine men and women always leave a profound impression on us. Continue reading “Lessons In Unconditional Love From Peru’s Shamans” »

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Shamanism in Modern Peru

Shamanism Is Alive and Well in Today’s Peru While it is difficult to make generalizations about exactly what any modern shaman believes because there are so many religious and cultural influences at play in today’s Peru, these ancient medicine men and women are as powerful a force in modern life as they were millennia ago. Even more significantly, they are accessible to you when you visit the country. Continue reading “Shamanism in Modern Peru” »

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The Majestic Andean Condors of Colca Canyon

You may already know that Andean condors are among the most beautiful and majestic sights to see in Peru, but did you know that the best place to see them is a stunning and easily accessible canyon that’s deeper than the Grand Canyon and much more interesting?

Peru’s Colca Canyon was once overlooked by tourists, but now with better roads and spreading word about its magnificent views, it attracts more than 150,000 visitors each year. You could be one of them, and you could have an up-close experience with the largest land bird in the world, the Andean condor. Continue reading “The Majestic Andean Condors of Colca Canyon” »

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Herbal Remedies for High Altitudes

All Herbal and Natural Medicine  Supplements will have some kind of drug interaction with Prescription  Medications.  If you are taking Prescription Medications and plan to take  any herbal remedies or supplements, please speak to your Physician or Pharmacist  to check if there are any drug interactions. 

Traveling abroad, you may find that it is not easy to locate a  Pharmacy.  This being said, foreign countries also have different  manufacture standards for medications, and what you buy in Peru may not be what  you are used to using in your home country.  You can understand how it  becomes practical to bring herbal remidies for International  travel.  It will save you money, time, and  unnecessary pain.   And you will have a much more enjoyable  vacation. Continue reading “Herbal Remedies for High Altitudes” »

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Lima Travel Guide

Lima: More Than A Stopover On Your Journey To Machu Picchu If you’re on your way to Cuzco and Machu Picchu, your flight will almost certainly take you first to Lima, often for an overnight stay.

We suggest you make the most of your time in Peru’s capital city, an interesting and modern South American city with plenty of history of its own to explore. Lima is a tantalizing first course for your feast of Peru.

Spanish conquistadors called Lima the City of Kings. Today’s city is entertaining and no less regal.  Continue reading “Lima Travel Guide” »

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A Girlfriend’s Guide To Buying Alpaca Gifts In Peru

Peruvian Hand Made Alpaca Wool TexitilesHow many items do you have in your wardrobes that are made by harmlessly sheering a clicking, clucking, barking animal that mostly hums in contentment?

Alpacas, as it turns out, are vocal animals that give tourists to Peru some staggeringly soft and lightweight fleece shopping choices. Continue reading “A Girlfriend’s Guide To Buying Alpaca Gifts In Peru” »

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Interview With Mark Adams on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Mark Adams relates the history of Machu Picchu explorers and his own trek through the Andes with mules and coca leaves.  He goes into many of the contraversies of Machu Picchu’s Discovery.  An enjoyable interview to watch!

Click here to watch, Turn Right at Machu Picchu.

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Puno – Folk capital of the Americas

Puno: Gateway To Other Worlds And Preserved Cultures Between Lake Titicaca and the mountains that protect it from the rest of the world, Puno is a starting place for exploring an ancient and mystical region that has changed very little over the centuries.  

In this unique city, you can visit a native home — complete with traditional potato farming, llamas and guinea pigs — and even get to know local residents who can explain how real life works in the Altiplano region of Peru.

Cold at night with blistering hot sun during the day, this town sits more than 12,500 feet above sea level. That means you will need to prepare ahead to stave off altitude sickness.

Reach the town by bus, taking the time to enjoy each of the stops along the way for what it has to offer. We suggest avoiding the overpriced train that stops at all the same points anyway.

Once there, enjoy some shopping. Textiles are less expensive in Puno than anywhere else in Peru.

The city of Puno is a blending point for the Aymara and Quechua culture, and it shows off a unique mixture of modernity and Andean traditions. Women in traditional clothing live and work beside similar women who prescribe to a more modern lifestyle. Continue reading “Puno – Folk capital of the Americas” »

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Find Shamans Shopping at the San Pedro Market in Cuzco

When you visit Cuzco, you’ll be amazed by the colorful and exotic things available at the San Pedro Market, but you’ll also be grateful for your glimpse inside the mysterious and wonderful world of the shaman and the sorcerer. This market and the cultural experience that awaits you there is just one of many things you will find only in Peru. If you want to window shop for anything shamanic, this market is where you can make it happen. Continue reading “Find Shamans Shopping at the San Pedro Market in Cuzco” »

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Despachos: Peruvian Offerings To Mother Earth

In Peru, making sacred offerings to mountain spirits and Mother Earth is one of the oldest traditions of this ancient culture. These despachos are meant to bring balance and are ultimately acts of profound love. The unity and interconnectedness among all beings, elements, spirits and sacred places is represented in a properly made despacho. When we have had despacho ceremonies performed for the guests we have taken to Peru, they have reported an improvement in the flow of their lives and even better health. So what exactly are despachos?  Continue reading “Despachos: Peruvian Offerings To Mother Earth” »

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